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R1 Concepts - GEOMET Rotors
R1 Concepts - GEOMET Rotors
R1 Concepts

R1 Concepts - GEOMET Rotors

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Crossed-Drilled rotors reduce the heat that builds on the rotor by up to 105°F. Cross-drilled rotors are also chamfered, which reduces the potential for cracking

Diamond Slotted

Diamond Slotted rotors remove brake and road debris and prevent pad glazing, extending the life of the pad and the rotor. The diamond tipped ends provide an indicator for rotor replacement. When the tips are gone, rotor replacement is necessary.

Cross-Drilled and Diamond Slotted

Cross-Drilled and Diamond Slotted rotors provide the maximum benefits in stopping power, durability and performance.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM replacement rotors are not drilled or slotted, but offer equal quality as your OEM rotors but at an affordable price.


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