Icon Multi Rate Leaf Pack with Add in Leaf Kit


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SKU :198520A

The ICON multi-rate leaf spring is a modular, user-adjustable product that offers a major performance gain for almost every accessory & gear setup imaginable. To improve the front-to-rear balance and increase the compliance of the truck, the spring rate has been lowered significantly compared to the OE spring. While many Ranger owners will embrace this, there are those who have outfitted their trucks with a significant amount of weight in the form of a bed rack, roof top tent, spare tires, parts, or other additions. Taking this into consideration, the leaf pack was designed with an additional leaf (included with kit) that can be exchanged or added to the pack yielding additional spring rate that will handle more "outfitted" vehicles. Aditionally, features like greaseable tip inserts and leaf separators reduce friction and increase ride comfort, while heavy duty eyelet bushings provide excellent durability and noise free operation.


  • (2) 198520A Leaf Springs (Pair, enough for one truck)
  • (1) 91200H Hardware Kit, required for install


  • 3 user-adjustable spring rates for unique vehicle configurations
  • Significantly lighter spring rate (up to 35%) allows for smooth motion throughout the entire range of travel
  • Improved front-to-rear vehicle balance and compliance
  • Optimized wheel position for maximum tire clearance
  • Galvanized leaf separators reduce friction and aid in corrosion resistance
  • Greaseable leaf tip inserts reduce noise and increase ride comfort
  • Direct bolt-in to OEM spring location makes for an easy install
  • “ICON 1K” tested under rigorous off-road conditions to validate tune, performance, strength, and durability
  • U-bolts, nuts, and wahers are E-coated for superior corrosion resistance
  • Includes application specific, black anodized billet aluminum bump plates
  • Hardware kit includes quality E-coated U-bolts and hardware to prevent corrosion and ensure long product life. In addition, black anodized billet aluminum bump stop plates make sure that the rear compression travel is properly limited to prevent damage to the rear shock absorbers or other components in a full bottom out scenario.


  • The ICON Multi-Rate Leaf Spring (Part# 198520A) reuses the OEM leaf spring rear eyelet hat bushings