2021+ Ford Bronco Billet Upper Control Arm


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The Baja Kits Advantage:
- Billet Aluminum Machined in house on our CNC Mill
- CNC Top cap with O-ring keeps debris and water out of your uniball joint
- 3/4 Rod end inner pivots offer incredible strength over stock bushings and add open the door to custom caster/camber adjustment for custom or details setup applications
- 1" Hi angle Trophy Truck grade uniball replace the weak stock ball joints that fail under high angles and loads seen from normal offroad use
- Our CNC machined corrosion resistant misaligns have a tapered snout to adapt your stock upright/spindle with ease
- We've increased the caster angle that you lose when lifting a truck with stock arms to regain on road stability, handling and alignment

Technical Specs:
Wheel Travel: Unlocks the potential for 2.5"+ more wheel travel when paired with king shocks
Track Width - Stock width
Lift - 0-3"

Product Requirements:
Shocks - Aftermarket Replacement 2.5
Tire Size 35" are recommended, 37's are possible but aggressive & May need to limit steering for proper clearance
Wheel Size - 17" rim with 4.5/4.75" max backspacing

  • FBBU21-B000
  • FBBU21-B000

Black Anodized
Clear Anodized