2019+ Ford Ranger AFN Front Bumper


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Ford Ranger AFN Front Bumper features integrated LED spot lighting and accommodates factory parking sensors. Also includes sturdy winch plate and aluminum fairlead.

Check out the slick LED turn signals included with the front bumper!

There are two skid plates included with this front bumper: The primary ‘Upper Underbody’ plate fabricated from 6mm aluminum alloy, and a secondary ‘Lower Underbody’ plate fabricated from 4mm steel plate.

*Because these awesome bumpers are big and heavy, they must ship strapped to a pallet and loaded onto a big rig. By default this website will calculate the freight cost based on delivery to a business/shop address.

If you absolutely need residential delivery then: Pro-Tip! Freight charges can be significantly higher when delivering to a residential address…as much as $300 higher or more. Please email us and we can discuss delivery options if a commercial destination is not available or desirable.