AEV Winch Extension Rope MD/HD


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Adding a winch to your vehicle is one of the most important upgrades anyone who travels to remote locations can make. However, sometimes having just a winch is not enough. A Winch Extension Rope safely extends the length of your winch’s cable enough to reach your desired recovery or anchor point. If a vehicle recovery involves one or more snatch blocks, you are even more likely to come up short on cable, so keeping an AEV Winch Extension Rope in your recovery kit ensures that your future recovery efforts will never fall short.

Manufactured out of genuine Dyneema ® SK78 synthetic fiber for maximum strength and durability. AEV Rope Strap included for easy and convenient storage.

Part Number  Dimensions Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) Working Load Limit (WLL)
80808008AA 3/8″x30′ 18,200 LBS (8,255 KG) 4,550 LBS (2,065 KG)
80808024AA 1/2″x30′ 34,300 LBS (15,558 KG) 8,575 LBS (3,889 KG)