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OUR MISSION is to provide quality, professionally tested products that exceed the demands of our customers while providing an industry leading warranty.

Founded in 2018, Peak Suspension’s initial focus is on the 2nd Generation Chevrolet Colorado platform (GMT700) and will soon be available on other vehicles. These shocks were designed with one thing in mind: customization.

Our 2.0 Coilovers are spanner adjustable so ride height can be adjusted while on the truck. Because our shocks are backed by Eibach, they are designed to work with Eibach’s readily available ERS springs.

WHY IT MATTERS: When you run our Peak Suspension 2.0 Coilovers, you are able to pick the spring rate and length that you need depending on your application. Plate bumpers? Winches? Tube bumpers? Stock? No problem! We have the solution to all of your needs

All of our products are backed by our million-mile warranty to add piece of mind to your decision.