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Who are we? A question we often hear from our customers or people inquiring. We are you. We are community. We built this company around our passion for the industry and innovating. We listen. We are engaged. We are your friends. We want to make the things you ask for.


Today, we have grown into a mid-size truck powerhouse, while never forgetting our roots (we still specialize in the 2015+ Chevy Colorado platform). We have expanded our product line from coilovers to upper control arms, diff drops, tie rod sleeves, ZR2 coilover conversion kits, Chevy lean shims, and soon we will be launching a game changing suspension product for the ZR2 platform. We are a dealer and retailer for many of your favorite brands. We only work with and carry products from companies we believe in, which is something we feel is very important. We will only sell products to our customers that we trust and can depend on. 

We don’t do this for fame. We don’t do this for wealth. We do this to build a community and a family who all share a passion for the same thing. In a world so divisive, we want to bring people together. Create customers and friends for life. We are Peak Suspension.


We started this company out of necessity. When we were building on our Chevy Colorado platform, there simply wasn’t a market for coilovers. So, we created it. Our first product was the 2.0 Coilover with adjustable ride height and selectable spring rate. We started to make a name for ourselves– a brand people loved, and most importantly, trusted. Customers were asking for certain products and the market wasn’t listening, but we were.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All PEAK products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. We cover against factory defects in material and workmanship, other than coatings, free from abuse and adverse conditions. These warranties only apply to the original purchaser, with proof of purchase.*

*More exclusions apply

Catered for your Build

At PEAK, the customer and their needs come first. We strive for excellence and producing outcomes that our customers will rave about.

We’re Here To Help

We want to hear from you. From questions, concerns, and feedback, our customer service team is waiting to hear from you.


Our products live up to our PEAK promise, but don’t just take our word for it; we have customers all around the nation that love our offroading products. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on our featured builds and when we have new announcements and releases.

"The Peak Suspension lift springs made by Eibach specifically for the ZR2 performed flawlessly over washboard roads, slow crawling over rocks and during high speed desert runs. There's no odd rebound bounce, no rough or intrusively stiff ride, and they haven't settled or sagged even a millimeter! They provide a solid 1.25" of lift in the front eliminating the raked stance of the factory springs and provide more clearance over obstacles on the trail“

Gavin VH

“Kudos to Peak for leading the way on real performance improving ZR2 aftermarket accessories. Installed the diff drop with the coilover as an insurance policy for the CVs based on others lessons learned. Works great! Install is not obvious to get the alignment right and bolts all back in.. Watch the videos. The game changer for me was to begin threads on the front two bolts (with the spacers) then use a POINTED alignment pry bar (like a big metal pencil) inside the third fitting to leverage it into alignment. Then it was easy.“


Corrects Sag - Great Ride

“ZR2 Bison with fair amount of weight over ZR2 - AEV bumpers and skids, winch, RETRAX tonneau, bed rails, I Kamper tent, recovery gear, tools, etc. Also BFG 265/70R17 C rated. Installed add a leaf and coilover with 650 #/in. Eibachs. Raised it above the 0.5 to 1" sag 1.5" back and 2" front (adjustable). So a .5 to 1" net lift and .5" rake. Increased clearance angles and looks/feels perfect. Ride is firmer, not so plush but not jarring at all - works great with DSSVs. Bobbing, hunting and sway is eliminated on highway. Overall drives like a tight but smooth truck now vs a softer car style before.“


“Truly a phenomenal set up!!! Well worth the wait. I went with the 3" lift with the heavy duty springs to support a bison bumper and winch. Truck has an excellent stance, and rides smoother then when it was factory. Handles turns with precision now. Couple this with quality upper control arm. Highly recommend this setup......“


“I am very pleased with the kits quality and fitment. The truck looks so much better now!“



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