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  • AEV Crestone DualSport Wheels in Beadlock Configuration 
  • AEV Rear Diff Cover 
  • 35” Toyo Open Country RT 
  • Radflo 2.5” Coilovers with Remote Reservoir
  • Magnaflow Overland Series Exhaust 
  • Baja Kits Billet Upper Control Arms
  • Baja Kits Billet Lower Trailing Arms
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics Adjustable Rear Track Bar
  • JCR Offroad Shock Guards 
  • JCR Offroad Prerunner Bar
  • Baja Designs XL80 Amber Lighting
  • Baja Designs Squadron Pro Ditch Lights 
  • Baja Designs XL Linkable Roof Bar
  • GearShade 
  • Midland USA GMRS Communications System
  • Peak Suspension Tie Rod Sleeves
  • ARB Twin Compressor – Custom Mounted
  • Ford OE tube doors (not shown) 
  • Relentless Fabrication Bronco Bumper
  • Relentless Fabrication Skid Plate
  • Warn VR10S Winch
  • Factor55 Ultrahook

Detail Information: The long rumored and long anticipated return of the Ford Bronco is finally upon us. A day many thought would never come with years of speculation, rumors, fan renderings and a whole host of spy shots, we now are graced with a full production Ford Bronco line in 2021.

As soon as we could, we ordered a 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition 2 Door finished in Cactus Grey with the rare Navy Pier interior. It took a little over a year to receive it and it was well worth the wait. In our eyes, the original Bronco came with 2 doors and we had to have a 2 door. Is it practical? Absolutely not. Is it awesome? Most definitely.

To set the record straight, we want to make this perfectly clear: The Bronco is so good from the factory. It’s in fact so good that this is the first vehicle we could have been perfectly happy with bone stock. But since we are in the business of modifying vehicles, what’s the fun in having a stock truck? That being said, our game plan was to keep it simple.

For suspension, we turned to Radflo to make 2.5” Coilovers with Remote Reservoirs to give us a bit more lift and articulation with the benefit of an adjustable reservoir. For the hardware, we added Baja Kits Billet Upper Control arms and their billet upper and lower trailing arms. We also added JCR lower shock skid plates and our own PEAK tie rod sleeves. 

Next we needed to add some armor, recovery points and a winch. Once again, our friends at Relentless Fabrication stepped in with their new Modular 3-Piece Front Bumper. This adds a ton of new approach angles and a new skid plate that replaces the first and second skid plate with a much beefier option. We have a WARN VR10S winch mounted to the bumper with Factor55 Fairlead and Ultrahook. Another benefit to this bumper is it retains all the factory crash sensors, adaptive cruise control sensor, and relocates the front camera.

To light up the night, we went with the Baja Designs XL Linkable Roof Bar, Squadron Pro Ditch Lights, and XL80 Ambers on the bumper. All of this is wired into Ford’s factory Upfitter switch system integrated into the roof console.

For our purposes, we decided to stay with a 35” tire and installed 35×12 Toyo Open Country RT wrapped around AEV Crestone DualSport Beadlocks. In addition, we installed a MidlandUSA GMRS Comm system and Magnaflow Overland Exhaust.